Improve Your Filming

Our resources section to help you improve your filming and create better videos.

Filming Techniques

Most great film makers and videographers will tell you that the creation of great video is not limited by the price of your equipment, but rather by your creative ability. Here are some resources to improve your technique.

  1. Keep Your Footage Steady
    One of the most common frustrations results from capturing shaky footage. Always make sure to use a tripod when possible to capture steady footage.
  2. Ensure Good Lighting
    Another common problem is poor lighting. To avoid using a lighting rig, make sure to use natural light to your advantage. Film outside or close to a large window and make sure to have the sun (light source) behind the camera and not behind the subject.
  3. Recording Quality Sound
    If you are recording interviews or testimonials then you’ll want to try get the best possible sound. Some devices record fairly good sound, but if you are aiming for a professional sounding video, then you might consider getting a separate microphone to record the audio separately – see our recommendations under “Camera Accessories“.

Camera Recommendations

There are many great cameras to choose from, ranging from smartphone cameras to high end SLR cameras. Here is a list of cameras that we use and recommend, however do not limit yourself to this list.

  • iPhone » A compact camera that shoots great video. This camera might already be in your pocket.
  • GoPro » My favourite camera for filming on the go. In the water, in the air, on the sand and in the snow. This beauty comes along for the ride and captures every moment. Waterproof, durable and shoots stills and video in full HD.
  • Canon PowerShot SX260 » This compact power zoom (20x optical) shoots stunning stills and also great video.

Camera Accessories

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